Soul shift and grow through life!

Just a little reminder to keep on moving forward, take a ‘soul shift’ and grow through life. No matter what challenges may happen in your life you CAN overcome them!

For me, the past few years have seen some deeply personal transformations occurring in my life. Some of which were very sadly expected, the great loss of both my parents from cancer will be forever a pivotal point in my life. The effects of such a deeply profound and life changing event can never be predicted or planned for, especially when other experiences Read more

Midlife Transition


Whatever life transition is happening for you right now, there’s no doubt that some transition’s can be painful and other’s can make us STOP and re-evaluate what’s important in life. But, by allowing ourselves to grow through the changes we can learn a great deal about ourselves from these experiences. One such transition this year, a milestone birthday (not saying which one, mind!) happened to me.

Following a ‘mid-life review’ I asked myself these four simple questions:

  1. What is my true soul’s calling?
  2. What can I do to grow into my soul purpose?
  3. How soon do I want these changes to happen?
  4. How will I know when I’ve reached my goals?

Allow yourself the space and time to reflect and to carefully consider what you want from life. Maybe do what I did, go for walks, write (my passion and joy) listen to soothing music for the soul and above all have FUN!   Give yourself permission to become full of child like wonder once again. It’s through writing that I am able to visualise what my dream life consists of. Never dismiss any idea that pops into your mind and NEVER EVER allowed  yourself to think anything is unachievable. A transition is a gift from the Universe, a Divinely timed opportunity for us to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

So, if you’re growing through a life transition a this point in your life, ask yourself; “What’s my true soul calling?”. Begin a catalyst of transformation and embrace the changes your transition brings. Transition’s are the crossroads of change, they are the perfect opportunity to decide in which direction we want to head!

“The changes that you are experiencing are the lessons that your soul wants for your beautiful metamorphosis to occur”joannecruiselogo