Why You Need a Happiness Quota


My mission the past few years has been to empower people to reclaim their ‘happiness quota’. Working as a holistic lifestyle coach, I’ve had the great privilege of coaching people towards greater happiness in their lives. I’ve witnessed how being happy is vital for achieving personal growth and potential. Happiness brings with it; greater freedom of expression, a natural spontaneity and innate joy and allows us to become more productive, creative and inspired soul’s.

Emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing all depend on the state of mind we hold. In my coaching practice, many client’s experienced unhappiness in some or other of these areas; personal relationships, careers, health, finances, emotional health, physical health or even where they lived. Happiness or rather a feeling of unhappiness was always sadly a factor in their situation. So, if you’re reading this article and you resonate with it, how can you  bring the happy back into your everyday life and finally lead a life that’s joyful and inspired?

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