The Power of Intention


Unlimited Capacity and Choices

‘I am unlimited in my capacity to choose how I think, feel and experience my life’.

This is such a powerful affirmation. When you set your intention with these words, you’re choosing to take the reins of your life.

Your abundance of thoughts & emotions have the capacity to completely free you or enslave you. The choice is yours.

For example; something happens beyond your control, say you’re caught up in a traffic jam. Now, how do you choose to deal with this situation?

Do you react spontaneously without thought or care? Or do you make a conscious decision to respond in a way that’s more mindful and consciously aware?..


You always have a choice.

So, if you choose to take the mindful approach, maybe you’ll bring your focus of attention to be fully in the present. Being aware of the rhythm of your breathing, so as not to allow your thoughts and feelings to control you.

Or, instead do you allow yourself to Read more