Soul shift and grow through life!

Just a little reminder to keep on moving forward, take a ‘soul shift’ and grow through life. No matter what challenges may happen in your life you CAN overcome them!

For me, the past few years have seen some deeply personal transformations occurring in my life. Some of which were very sadly expected, the great loss of both my parents from cancer will be forever a pivotal point in my life. The effects of such a deeply profound and life changing event can never be predicted or planned for, especially when other experiences also decided to show up at the same time. These arrived unwelcomed and completely out of the blue and for a short time they managed to knock me off my centre of balance.

The mystery of duality

But, what I learnt was that life is a glorious myriad and mystery of duality. We suffer from pain and heartache and as our hearts expand with the breadth of love and beauty, we rise once more from the shattered starkness of death’s unyielding finality. We emerge from a long slow night of the soul into the shafts of daylight’s piercing golden dawn. Intact, alive and breathing in the force that give’s us life.

It is up to us how we choose to navigate these turbulent times. Life merely offers us an opportunity to grow through the pain and loss associated with these endings. Ultimately, we wield the power to decide how such changes will affect the rest of our lives.  I chose to transform my way of life and underwent a massive ‘soul shift’ and instead of allowing these events to side swipe me off my feet, I emerged stronger and more empowered because of them.

Emerging from the cocoon

The metamorphosis that followed has been a great reminder to me that whatever happens in life we always have the option of how we respond to these changes. Whilst, some of the changes in themselves felt wretched, heart breaking and gut wrenchingly miserable at the time, I chose to give myself permission to emerge as though from an outgrown cocoon and evolved on a deeply personal soul level.

You too can grow through the pain associated with; loss, illness, bereavement, divorce, separation, redundancy or whatever else life may bring unexpectedly to your door. When you grow through life you are choosing to live fully and with the greatest expression of your soul and that for me is a life worth living!






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