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Jo Cruise Coach and Author

My passion is coaching inspired women like you to gain the clarity, confidence and courage, to live life to its fullest expression and reach for your dreams!

If you’re ready to step fully into your soul purpose, I’m here to help your soul vibe shine!

My Coaching and Mentoring programmes are your personal holistic support system. When you take that leap of faith to start your business, you won’t have to struggle alone.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you have a deep and authentic passion to inspire others. But, you can only do that when you come out of the shadows to share your gifts with the world. There’s so many people who are waiting to benefit from your skills and experience, so what’s holding you back?

Is it fear of failure that’s putting your dreams on hold? Or fear of success? Perhaps you feel isolated and haven’t found your soul tribe yet.

Or  maybe you worry that you’re even making the right choice in starting your own business. Maybe you’re concerned you won’t make enough money to live.

Whatever your fears are, I want to let you know I am totally committed to helping the seeds of your ideas grow. You deserve to achieve success and happiness.

You can do this!  You matter and there’s nothing more important to me, than ensuring that you do so in a way that honours your authentic voice, values and vision. Finding your way as a spiritual entrepreneur can be isolating and challenging if you don’t have the right support in place from the start.

Are you ready to: –

  • Embrace the next chapter of your life with enthusiasm and energy
  • Develop new skills to support your vision
  • Overcome overwhelm & release your fears
  • Gain the clarity and focus needed to make your business a success
  • Have the support  in my private Facebook group

My Philosophy is Simple:

‘When you dare to live from your inspired heart and follow your soul path, you transform the world.’

Now’s the time to step into your soul power and shine!

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P.S sent with love to soothe your soul & heal your heart
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Joanne Cruise The Word Angel


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